BlogGo is undergoing a total restructure and makeover.
It will be re-released in April 2014. (Sorry for the wait!)
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don't you just love convenience?
We all do... and BlogGo just might be the best thing to happen to your Blogger™ blog since you discovered what a blog was.

Blogging on the go has never been easier. BlogGo lets you post, edit, and publish to your Blogger™ blog on the fly. Its refined yet simple-to-use interface is the no-fuss solution for getting your words and photos out of your device and onto the internet. Because who doesn’t love easy?

your blog in your back pocket.
Have you ever wished you could share your experiences as they happen? Whether you’re traveling, attending an event, being a busy mom, or simply taking a couch break from your day, BlogGo is by your side and ready for when those inspired moments happen.

finally, a blogging app with the features you need

Sure, other blogging apps can get the job done, but who wants to write a post without simple formatting options or the ability to insert photos exactly where you want them!? Mobile doesn’t have to be boring! BlogGo believes that a blogger deserves the features they need, which is why you can:

Sign in with your Blogger account to create new posts, from wherever you are! BlogGo uses a simple WYSIWYG editor and has a full HTML mode! Create drafts, edit existing posts*, and even schedule them for future publishing! Stay up to date with a complete list of your blog subscriptions! BlogGo now uses Feedly to grab the latest posts from all of your followed blogs! View, approve, delete, and mark comments as spam, all on the Comments page Insert photos from your camera or photo albums, directly inside the WYSIWYG editor! Because BlogGo believes your photos should go where you want them!

* Blogger does not currently allow us to access to posts or drafts previously created from a computer, however you can still create drafts from within the app and they will save directly to your Blogger dashboard too! If they ever decide to allow this in the future it will be implemented.

help and f.a.q.

Firstly, you need a Blogger account and a blog set up to be able to use this app. You do not create a Blogger account through BlogGo. If you are experiencing problems, it could be due to your login session expiring, a bad connection, or a public wifi network that blocks Blogger. Please first try logging out and then back in again. BlogGo runs off of Google's API and occasionally there might be a hiccup in their service. You also need an internet connection to use BlogGo.

"I can't login"

Please check that your username and password is correct. It should be the same that you use to login to If you are still having trouble please try the "trouble logging in" link on the settings page. This includes an additional step to verify your permissions. Please also make sure you have admin privileges for the blog you are trying to edit. If you are traveling, please use the alternate login if having trouble. Google likes to ask you to verify yourself sometimes if blogging from a different location. If you are still having problems, feel free to contact me using the email address below.

"Unable to publish posts"
1. This is usually due to a login session expiring. Sometimes if a period of time goes by since you last logged in, your session times out. You should login each time to prevent this. Please copy a draft of your post so you have it on backup, then try logging in again and publishing it.
2. BlogGo uploads photos to your Google Picasa account in the "Drop Box" folder. Please make sure you have not reached your limit of 1000 photos in this folder. If you have, you may see an "unable to publish" error. You can check by logging in at If the limit is reached, please free up some space and retry.

"Can I create draft posts with this app?"
Yes! You can create saved drafts on the app which will be accessible in your Blogger dashboard as well. However, this can not work the other way around due to Blogger's own restrictions with their API (i.e. retrieving a draft post you previously created on the Blogger website). If they allow us to do this in the future it will be added.

"My comments aren't loading"
If you have a large amount of comments, it can sometimes take a little time for the complete list to load the first time around. If your comments are out of sync, try refreshing the page by pulling down the list!


Did you know:
You can delete posts by swiping your finger from left to right across a post title on the All Posts page. Doing so will reveal a "Delete" button! You can also refresh a blog post list or your Comments list by swiping downwards and releasing!

get in touch
Still need help or want to submit feedback? Contact me at the email address below. I am an independent app creator and am available to answer your questions in English, 24/7. BlogGo is constantly being developed with new features and you will not be ignored! Thank you for your input! It helps make BlogGo better!